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Please have a look at the new (Nov.9th 2002) Programmer's Help program on this site. Written in Topaz and including a lot of very useful hints.

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My programming experience:

I have a small experience with Delphi, OOP, and Windows programming in general, having started this trip only 18 months ago, with the advent of Delphi 3.0. (in September 1997).

OTOH I have a very great experience with all of DOS dBase™ dialects. I have taught this language several times and have written many FreeWare programs, some of which are still being used today even in remote (French speaking) parts of the world.

I still use dBXL and WordTech's AragoLan a great deal today, [ they DO run faaaast on my PII 266 MHz :-))) ] for all ad-hoc dBase access problems, and, of course, all my data is stored in dBase files, hence my great liking of Topaz for Delphi.

The programming language that I like most though is Turbo Pascal (since version 2), and now, of course, Delphi. I have no experience at all in C, C++, and any of the Internet "languages" yet.


Topica is an Internet List manager with a Topaz/Delphi section. Recommended! Here are a few important URL's for the Topica Topaz list:

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Rita Tipton (UK)  has created (March 2000) a Topaz related list of her own. Visit it

Topaz is Software Science's terrific dBase™ access _and_ language compatible Delphi add-on. It started in the old DOS days, as  bunch of units that implemented very successfully most of dBase's commands and functions, and then some :). In the beginning it was shipped only as .TPU's with no source code, but since many years now Topaz ships as ONLY full source components to be compiled. For example, dBase's SET FILTER TO <expression> became a TOPAZ procedure used like this: TzDbf1.SetFilterTo(expression);     Demonstration

Btw, I am "only" a happy, long time user of Topaz, I do pay my upgrades like anybody else, and get nothing in return for this page, except a mention and a link on their TopLinks web page <g>