My name: Eitan Gilboa. I was born in Israel, (1947), and live in France since 1986. eitantime.gif (826 bytes)   

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This page is dedicated to Delphi and other programming languages that I like and use, but this is only a beginning on the web. I am an industrial and Management Engineer, was a consultant for the first twelve years of my professional life, and a self taught system analyst and programmer after that.

I've been a freelance professional programmer since 1981. AppleSoft, Basica, dBase, Clipper, dBXL, FoxPro, Turbo Pascal and now Delphi 4.0. I use for all Delphi database access the great add-on "Topaz": "dBase for Pascal" since 1987 or so.

Other areas of interest:

  All my programs available here are absolutely FreeWare, and not restricted in any way.

  I do, however, maintain the complete copyright on all my work, of course. free.gif (1919 bytes) 

   Some of the sources of my programs are available for free as well, but you'll have to e-mail me for that.

Feel free to e-mail me with bug reports, as well as a wish list for any of these programs, or requests for new programs. If I find the idea interesting, I'll do it.