Making Topaz (and Delphi) Multi Lingual.

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There are two usual options in making a program multi lingual. One is by storing all the strings in .RES files, in all the proposed languages. The disadvantage of that is that you must provide, maintain and distribute more than the single .EXE file that Delphi is so kind as to allow. :-). Since my programs use at the most two languages, French and English, I opted for the following method:

Two general cases are in presence:

  1. The language change can be done through Delphi, without modifying Topaz units
  2. A Topaz unit must be modified.

The first possibility is preferred by far, as any new version of Topaz will have to be amended again if you change a unit. But in some cases the second possibility has no work around. This is the case with the TzColEdt unit, (Editor of TzGrid columns properties) for example. In order not to clutter my Topaz units, I copied the TzColEdt into the application directory, renamed and modified it, and USE my own TzColEdt1 unit.