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Name Description(New versions, date in red)
15-04-2016 EGBrowse 23.5

A complete creator/visualizer for dBase Files Updates: Added REPLACE in Field and even in MEMOS !!!

21.4.2016 dir Copy Copy a LIST of directories to a LIST of destinations. Also Delete such lists Updated bug fixes small UI upgrades
19-03-2016 ProgHelp Maintain a data base of routines, functions and procedures in two levels. English Only.
20/03/2016 DeMello Manager of the sage saying by Anthony De Mello (English) Added French Translations (not all !)+Bug fixes
21-01-2016 Spread32 v1.20 Freeware EXCEL compatible (< 1Mo !!!) English.
21-01-2016 NotePad2 Freeware tiny text editor(<400k) English
TotalCmd Utility

20.4. 2013



Multi Copy - Many files/Folders to many directories (can use TC's "cm_CopyFullNamesToClip" and "Save Tabs to File") Last Updated 21 Apr 2013 Version
TotalCmd Utility 17.2.2011 tc_but_exe Find an EXE in all buttonbars and  execute any of them. Greatly improved 17th February 2011
6/12/2010 EGPad 2.0 A very well featured multi file text editor. English only


ExitWindows Anything you can ask for. Reboot, Hibernate or Exit, all options modifiable, Bi µLingual, no installation, no clutter of any sort on your PC. 170K


Col2Hex Any color to its hex value, or Delphi color name if available. All colors of the sesssion are optionally copied to the clipboard.  (Bi-Lingual French & English)  Added Color Picker.
2 Sep 2009 Remove Empty Folders Deletes (securely) all empty folders "below" a selected one. Bi-Lingual, French & English. 167K
7 July 2009 Rappel Automatic reminder of future events, with days of pre-announcement.
27 Dec 2008 EGLaunch 3.1 A program and document launcher. Configurable through editing of a simple .INI file. (Tri-lingual). Added Options
20 June 2008 MultiResize Resize JPGs to disk-size, quality defined by you, batch mode.
28 Aug 2001 EgPicDBF Slide show in a DBF! Sources available.
26/Aug/2001 EGSlSh A SlideShow generator with both images and text.
19/Aug/2001 EGFL An enormously enhanced version of FileFind, and Bi-Lingual (French-English). OnLine help.
09/Aug/2001 FileFind A file/directory lister/printer/save to ASCII. Only 8 buttons to "learn" <g>
12/04/2000 EGUSDA The USDA 6200 foods database with a nice interface! LINKS to EGDiet for adding foods! Databases provided, slightly modified to make the download smaller.
11/04/2000 EGDiet Full graphical treatment of daily food intake and weight. (Bi-Lingual French and English). Printable graphics and DIAGNOSIS! 2020 food items, optional DIABETES follow up Graphics and all.
20/12/99 EGPM A small Project and contacts list manager (Complete Help included in a separate ZIP).
18/4/99 EGRichEd Text and RTF editor,  to and from ANSI<-> and OEM, line numbers, Search and Replace, etc.(Bi-Lingual)
3/3/99 IChing I-Ching texts and coins casting (English)
12/2/99 ICollect A global Icon collector and extractor, and a converter to .BMP. (English)
12/12/98 EG-Euro A Euro - FF (or any  two currencies) converter. Puts the results in the ClipBoard (Bi-Lingual)
21/7/98 PicDbf A fully searchable pictures and text  database, includes a searchable Memo. (Bi-Lingual)
26/4/99 WorldTime A 12 countries clock. The reference country is user-definable at run time. Cities are user definable! 150+ flags supplied. Current configuration, reference country and used language are optionally saved and restored.(Bi-Lingual)
16/3/98 EGConv A general purpose, user modifiable, global units converter (English)
25/4/99 EGCalc A simple calculator / converter (Bi-Lingual)
23/1/98 EGDiet A Nutritional (Nutrients / Vitamines / Minerals) table (bi-lingual)
1/5/99 EGBmpShow This program displays for a few seconds (or forever if the time parameter=0), an ellyptical Region containing a (stretched/compressed to fill that region) BMP specified on the command line, in an also specified size and for a specified number of seconds. (English/French are irrelevant here).
2/5/99 EGMurphy A collection of 320 "laws" of nature, including Murphy's. Stored in a dBase DataBase, they are changeable, and visible in several forms (English)