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Billingual French and English!

This program calculates your biorythme, yours and any number of people in

an edittable list. It calculates "compatibility" between any two people. It works in either western style astrology or Chinese Zodiac astrology

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    Billingual French and English!

    This program allows reducing JPGs not to Width and Heightas do so many programs, but to a maximum file size in K.Since this can be done by both reducing dimensions andby reducing photo quality (i.e. JPG compression).

    On Nov 8th, 2018 I added the possibility to save ALL the modified images whatever their origin, into one and the same user defined folder. Other features of the program also changed a little to support this new option.

    You are offered to change the quality parameter andthe program will find the largest photo that fits in your K(=file size) parameter. The third parameter, the precision
    of the reduction is basically the pourcentage by which thephoto's sides will be reduced in each iteration.Larger values will yield faster results and lower valueswill yield larger photo inside the K limit.

    The "Keep Original Date" checkbox allows you the optionto keep the new file's date equal to the original.

    Files are NEVER overwritten. The new file gets an "_s_" added to its name.

    If the "Auto Mail" checknox is checked then after reducing the pictures, they will all be added as attachments to a mail created automatically. All you have to do is add the address.

    Writen by and [c]: Eitan Gilboa

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 Dir Copy Features: (Released April 21, 2013)

Copies a LIST of folders into a LIST of other folders. It can optionally DELETE the originals to simulate a MOVE. Bilingual, French and English.

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EGPad's regular Features:

EGPad is a text editor, a replacement for the standard Windows NotePad. EGPad requires Windows 95 or later to run. No additional DLLs or whatever are required.

It has a some very interesting features:

February 29 - Version 1.5 with many new features and a few bug fixes...

  • EGPad can open as many files at a time as you want. This is limited by total available memory.
  • Several files can "selected" in the open dialog to be open simultaneously. Drag & Drop is fully supported.
  • All open files can be optionally accessed through TABs
  • A file can be edited with several VIEWS. You can split an edited file at any time to edit it in several windows.
  • Help is available as pop-up hints as well as in the status bar. An independent HTML help file can also be opened when you click the 
  • Help¦Help menu. An ASCII help file can be generated from within EGPad.
  • File size limit is 16 MB.
  • Almost unlimited UNDO and REDO level. You can specify the amount of memory for the UNDO buffer.
  • EGPad is extremely fast on large files in FIND and REPLACE operations.
  • Number of files size is only limited by available RAM and hard disk space.
  • Block functions: save parts of your text to disk and insert a file at the current cursor (caret) position.
  • Set up to 10 BookMarks in each open file. Get instantly to a bookmark. Toggle BookMark "visibility".
  • Print the document, or only the marked block.
  • EGPad will strip all HTML tags for you.
  • ANSI (Windows) <= to and from => OEM (DOS) conversions
  • Case changes: to-UPPER, to-LOWER, Invert case, and to-Proper
  • Easy installation and uninstallation. EGPad does NOT use the Registry.
  • It has 15 configurable options that are saved and automatically read from session to session.
  • Easy insertion of accented characters
  • Easy insertion of Time Date stamps in four formats.
  • Self contained generation of the full user's manual
  • It's FreeWare!

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    Bi-lingual French and English!

    Allows to copy a selection of files/folders to a selection of directories. All files/folders are copied to all directories. With the help of T's "cm_CopyFullNamesToClip" and "Save Tabs to File", or     without TC but manually. The various "copy projects" can be saved, edited, and used later in time.

    Last version is . Posted on April 21st 2013 [Added Dir Copy and UI improvements]

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This slideshow program is totally bi-lingual, like EGSS below, with a similar object, but this one stores copies of the selected images inside the DBF. Similarly, this program also stores and displays text associated with each image, both in normal viewing and in the full screen slideshow.

The slide show's parameters as well as the JPG's display can be set up by the user. In all cases the images conserve their proportions.

English as well as French help is available and you can even save its texts to normal text files.

ownload (Bilingual) 396 KB

Récuperer SOURCES (Anglais) 46 KB



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The program is totally bi-lingual, French and English. All of its colours are user definable.
The program's purpose is to help in displaying a slide show of whole dierectories of images along with descriptive texts. It deals with JPG, JPEG and BMP. Files: One executable (390k) + two ReadMe (French and English). The program cerates a dBase file in every directory you want to have the slide show in. There is one record ("line") per image/photo stored in that directory.
You can edit each text, see individual photos, or display a slide show with both image and its text in a resizable window.
The program keeps an INI file in its own directory containing the settings of all the controls, including the last directory visited, and the program's language last used.
It is "gentle" when a photo or even a directory have been removed/renamed.

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Same purpose as FileFind below, but with 15 more user defined options, with a good built-in help. Among many other things the program is now bi-lingual, English and French, keeps its last used directory and disk and all of its options in an INI file. this is done automatically, and only if you want it.

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FileFind.exe is a small program (250k) that presents you with a disk/directory selector, and a file name selector. When you click "Start" all the files like the squeleton you gave as a filename (*,PAS or *.* etc.) are listed in a text file that you can edit a little (cut, copy, paste and change text), save as text and print. Since all the directories are listed, including such that have no relevant files, a button lets you "Clean" the list, i.e. delete all such lines. This was written only to try and solve the problem of listing what's on a backup CD. Enjoy.

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EGUsda is a database of 6200 foods, taken from the United States Department of Agriculture, with up to 60 nutrients per food, vitamines, all sorts of fat, calories etc. The interface is very easy and intuitive. It includes an internal Help with the USDA web site address. For each food you can generate a report with all the information in the database, and add the relevant data to any or all of the three EGDiet food databases.

The files are delivered in two groups because the data is not going to change, while the executable is <g> so in future updates you only need to download the smaller file.

Download EGUSDA - DATA 1.6 MB

Download EGUSDA - Executable 0.3 MB


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EGDiet allows keeping track of your weight and daily food intakes for each day. It manages up to 36 different "persons", like, for example, the whole family, and that in either French or English :-). The foods database is not yet completely translated. There are 700 foods in English names and 300 in French. The internal help is in both languages.

Since April 11th, EGDiet has 2020 food items, all in one file. It also comes with a French-only food database (1300 items) as well as an English only database (720 items). the user can select either of the files for normal use.

Since April 6th, EGDiet follows up (optionally) your Blood Sugar Level, graphics and all...

EGDiet calculates your  Lean Body Mass and fats proportions, bvased on several measurements of your body.

Graphs will follow up your weight and your daily nutriments and calories intake. You can print any or all of the graphs at any time. A diagnosis feature calculates (and explains how!) your "ideal" weight,as well as your required daily calories intake at normal times and during a slimming diet.

Select foods by typing the beginning of their name, by using the cursor keys or the mouse to position the FOODS database on the correct food.

Change the amount of food by either typing it in, or by using the UpDown/LeftRight button: "Up and Down" add or diminish the weight by 10 Grammes, "Left and Right" add or diminish the weight by 100 Grammes.

You can add complex dish nutrients to the main foods database.

Foods SpeedSearch is always ON.

All daily reports, and updates of the Grid refer to the "Current Person" AND to the indicated DATE. Change this date to generate reports for different dates, AND to makeup inputs for lost days. Use the drop-down to open a 

EG-Diet offers three GRAPHS on a single screen. Access them through the menu in "Displayed Info", or by clicking on the NAME of the "Current Person". They represent the Weight follow-up, and the relative consumption of the main nutrients for the displayed date, and for the whole period. The daily intake graph can be moved from day to day by using two arrowed buttons beneath it.

You can edit (modify) all the information in all of the four system's Databases:

Diet.DBF : Contains 2021 food ingredients.
FR.DBF : The French foods (1296)
UK.DBF : The English foods (718)
Food.DBF : All the daily intakes, names and weights.
Poids.DBF : All your daily WEIGHTS.
Persons.DBF: All the persons using this program.

Records (=items) in any data file can be added, changed, marked for deletion - they are then painted in RED - and Recalled (=Un-Marked for deletion) using the navigation bar below the grid. At all times you can "clean" the the current file by PACKing it.

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The program is written with, and thanks to, SSI's TOPAZ component. See the link on the developer's page on my site.

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